Rome is the city of illusions, it is no coincidence that the Church, the government and cinema are here: all things that create illusions. Rome is the perfect place to see if the world ends or not.

Federico Fellini

Past and future, at once

Borromini is the story of an illusion, the last illusion of Rome a moment before the end of the world.

    In that moment it won’t be enough for us to see face the things that we have observed till then through a mirror: we will be able to touch them, perceive their texture, grasp their truth.

    Designed to transfer an imaginative concept of decor into domestic landscape, as a threshold open to the unexpected, Borromini is the right combination between intuition and mastery.

              Imprinted on Jacquard weave by Torri Lana 1885 textile factory, the tapestry lives on baroque abstractions combined with contemporary signs, in a union between past and future that enhances interiors with unique and distinctive suggestions.

Technical features

Borromini is the transfer onto fabric of dome detail of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane in Rome, designed by the great architect in 1640 in Rome.

The tapestry measures 280 cm in height and 140 cm in width.

The fabric is composed of a milky white warp and a linen frisé weft, available in a range of 18 colours.

Designer engineering Effimero Barocco

Photography Fabio Gasparri

Manufacture Torri Lana 1885

The great theater of the world

As with the unique wallpapers that marked the brand’s debut two years ago, for Borromini’s textile design, Effimero Barocco also focuses on a special and narrative decor, inspired by celebrations and temporary displays that animated squares and streets of Rome in the 17th century  transforming it in a sequence of spectacular signs with very high symbolic value.

The memory of wooden and papier-mâché architecture, of decorations applied to buildings and churches, of joy machines and light effects involves the brand in recovering and transferring it to contemporary living.

Effimero Barocco was created to make domestic landscape custom and unique.

As in the best tradition of Italian design, the brand’s creations are an original and powerful medium between human beings and their habitat.

Edit Napoli 23 | Photos © Serena Eller
Felice aqueduct, Rome | Photos © Flavia Rossi
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