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EFFIMERO BAROCCO is a collection of digital graphics inspired by Baroque Rome, architecture, ephemeral scenic structures that were designed and built in the city’s squares during that era in occasion of religious or secular celebrations.

In single design or pattern, graphics can be reproduced at different scale sizes on panels, textiles and wallpapers. 

EB collection is a project developed by architects Cecilia Anselmi, Carlo Pianosi and Fabio Gasparri. The evocative design of these graphics, which refers to a baroque visionary iconography, is a free contemporary ready made of fragments of images and it is inspired by an imaginative power of Rome, which still widely influences creativity of contemporary artists.  

EFFIMERO BAROCCO is a project dedicated to those who need to modify, renovate or even just reinvent a single room or a corner of a space. It is dedicated to those who want to bring and keep with them wherever, at home, in their office, stores or leisure and entertainment spaces, fragments of the visionary and scenic atmosphere of that special art season of Rome. 

EB modifies interiors, which by definition are confined and designed to accommodate ordinary daily life, into extraordinary, surprising and scenographic places. Interior space with EB becomes as an illustrated book. Its eclectic, evocative and bold graphics completely modifies atmosphere of spaces that become magnetic and enveloping.

EB opens interior spaces to narrative through the edges that define them. Walls and surfaces, such as panels, doors, table tops, partitions, curtains and tapestries, are no longer just the physical limits of empty spaces or volumes of furnishings, but all elements that become narrative medium.

EB is eclectic and it has the ambition to oppose flattening of aesthetic taste of styles, to oppose absence of dreamy and fantastic, the complete removal of decoration that defines modern rationalist and functionalist style, keeping homologates contemporary interior aesthetics. EB is ductile and proposes an eclectic style able to dialog with minimal modernism at once and suitable to a wide range of solutions in specific contexts.

And referring to other moments in history does not mean rejecting the new, but rather combine a dialog between assonances or dissonances, between different styles and periods; also in order to being aware that art of every era is a constantly inexhaustible source of inspiration both for reinventing the present in a vitalistic way and for constantly reimaging the future.


STUDIO ROOM 28b is an architecture and design agency based in Rome. A common project management philosophy has led Cecilia, Carlo and Fabio to share the search for the values of beauty, respect for pre-existing structures and above all to listen to the essence of places and objects.

The office, located in Monti district, the ancient heart of the city’s creative activity, is an open space, a hub where a network of contemporary art and crafts actively collaborate to achieve a design with a sartorial approach for define of unique and custom environments made.

STUDIO ROOM 28b modifies spaces, designs furnishings and accessories from concept to realization.

Carlo Pianosi

Architect who works as a freelancer, in associated form until 2008, in several fields such as large-scale architectural design and urban planning, industrial and interior design. Since 2008 he has been more focused on the interior of offices and homes design and custom made products, furniture and lighting. He has designed for private clients, several projects of showrooms, residences, offices and exhibition spaces including: White & Case offices in Piazza Barberini (Rome), Assa Abloy showroom for Almoajil Holding in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

Fabio Gasparri

Architect and photographer, he has worked in Italy and abroad in interior projects of shops and homes. Over the years he has taken care of several fashion stores design and building supervision, such as Bottega Veneta, Ballim, Alessandra Giannetti and Edo City in Rome, the interior design of Rashomon Cultural Center in Rome, several exhibit and setting up design of cultural exhibitions collaborating with the University La Sapienza, Tor Vergata, Pigorini Museum, Department of Culture of Rome, public and private galleries. Since the 90s he has been carrying out art research through photography and has taken part of several exhibitions. 

Cecilia Anselmi

Architect and lecturer, phd in Architectural and Urban Design, teacher of history of art, she has taught and done research in several Italian universities and design academies. Until 2015 she was co-owner of c.a.c.p. studio whose projects have been published, taken part in exhibitions, received awards in national and international competitions. Author of the book Upgrade Architecture and other articles, she writes and collaborates with sector magazines and webzines; from 2015 she started a graphics research  through digital collages, the Red Line Saga, wich was shown off for first time in 2018 at dMake Art Gallery in Rome.


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