EFFIMERO BAROCCO IS VERSATILE AND DUCTILE | The EB graphics reproduced on any kind of printable support or wallpaper, can be adapted to the size of the walls; they are a brilliant graphic solution to redefine interior spaces. EB is a project that answers to the current market’s demand for habitat’s custom products with an eclectic style able to dialog with minimal modernism and suitable to a wide range of solutions in specific contexts.

EFFIMERO BAROCCO IS A MADE IN ITALY BRAND | The EB graphics combine the interest in re-evaluating the baroque iconography of architecture, sculpture and painting that belongs to the history of Rome, well known throughout the world, with the passion for modern and contemporary interiors with a retro taste. EB is a tribute to the visionary approach that gave a strong identity to an even more recent lucky season in our history; it has among its references the collections of Piero Fornasetti, the geometric textures of Gio Ponti, the surreal combine in interior and furniture design of Carlo Mollino and much more up until today.

EFFIMERO BAROCO OFFERS EXCELLENT QUALITY PRODUCTS AND A FINAL STUNNING EFFECT | If walls or fornitures volumes are narrative supports for EB and interior spaces could become as an illustrated book, then transforming the environment by using its products, must be a perfect and impeccable artifice; that can also happening just by working on a wall or on a detail without too much perceptive interference or excessive investments.


Pattern design graphics for digital printing on wallpaper or other types of surfaces. Suitable for covering a wide range of supports such as upholstery, walls, doors, sliding partitions, wardrobe panels or other kind of furniture, adapting the dimensions to the surface to be covered.

Trompe-l’oeil | Giants

The Giants are single-design blow-ups to be printed on wallpaper and attached to different types of support such as walls, ceilings, panels, partitions or other, adapting the dimensions to the surface to be covered. Suitable to be reproduced at any scale, even on fabrics or other kind of surface.

/ Facciate Barocche

Details of moldings and frames of baroque facades combined with fluorescent colors give a pop accent to these graphics that are suitable as background on an entire wall or on sliding divider panels; printed on canvas or fabric they could become a painting, tablecloth, curtain or something else

/ Grandeur Baroque

The Giants graphic series is inspired by the drawings of ephemeral architecture and urban scenography that great architects and artists, such as Bernini, Rainaldi, Da Cortona, Ghezzi, designed and created in the squares of Rome, between the 17th and 18th centuries, during religious and profane celebrations. Processions, parades and carnivals followed one another in the urban environment. Decorative displays and furniture were placed on the buildings and churches facades for public shows and fireworks. The city with its open spaces and architecture was both the scene and the main character of the events.

/ Grand Parade

Images of knights parading during baroque processions of carnivals, profane or religious public celebrations. The graphics can be printed in single-color or two-color strips and mounted by combining them in sequence on the same support (wall or panels) or can be placed individually in different points of the same space.

/ Angeli Barocchi

Painted, carved in stone, wood or plaster, angels often appear in Baroque artistic production. Always leaning, suspended, clinging to or framing architectures, they are often part of their decorative elements. All the greatest sculptors, from Maderno to Bernini, have ventured in the creation of these subjects. Since the Hellenistic era, sculptures of dancers or winged victories, as well as those of angels in the Baroque era, have always given the most skilled sculptors the opportunity to showcase their skill and technical ability both in the eyes of powerful clients and of common people. From profane and mythological subjects to religious ones, it is in the rendering of drapery and wings moved by the wind or body that sculptors compete in measuring their skill. In these graphics by Effimero Barocco, the angels from sacred become profane, but still surprising, subjects; they become out of ordinary guardians of spaces that welcome daily life; they become part of the scene with details of wings, hands and feet or with their gauzy drapery highlighted by suggestive chromatic effects of this special series of the collection.

/ Mood Baroque

This graphic with a strong composure highlights a detail of a richly detailed painting, the “Giostra dei Caroselli barocchi a Palazzo Barberini" by Filippo Lauri. The image is an enlargement of a single element of the painting, small but in a focal position, the chariot of Apollo which is paraded during this profane celebration which took place in honor of Queen Christina of Sweden in the courtyard of Palazzo Barberini in 1656. In this graphics with a psychedelic effect, the detail is toned with strong color rendering, making the original image abstract and no longer completely recognizable.

/ Sogni Barocchi

These trompe l'oeil graphics with a surreal and dreamlike mood are inspired by scenographic paintings reproduced on walls or vaults of palaces and churches during the Baroque period. The images open the wall to another space represented, that is virtual and imaginary; they are pastiche fantasies, contemporary "capricci", surreal landscapes elaborated with a digital collage technique. A grid of red lines is overlapped and draws basic geometric scheme of planimetries and vaults of the represented architectures.